Oscillations of taste...

Meyer Schapiro:

"Whoever has followed the oscillations of taste during the last twenty years must have observed the instability of these judgments; even Cezanne, who has entered the books as the classic modern, has become a bore to many painters, and one may predict that if Georges Seurat's star is rising, he will appear before long as a dry and pompous intellectual, dreadfully stiff, a willing accomplice of the mechanization that was overwhelming modern society and was forcing more sensitive and humane artists, like van Gogh, into an anti-mechanical art of spiritual protest. I do not share these opinions. I simply point to trends of aesthetic doctrine in order to show that our liberality toward the most varied styles and our eagerness to enlarge the aesthetic horizon do not exclude a certain narrowness and arrogant partisanship in taste, especially when we attach ourselves to the newest creative ideas in art."

Schapiro, M. (1993). Worldview in Painting- Art and Society. New York, NY: George Braziller, Inc. p. 234