Predicting art's future...

(Raymond) Parker then offered his definition of an academy. "It begins when a group comes to value an idea to the point where it seems so true that it is beyond argument. Insisting that they have the truth, its members become moralists and then preachers who try to sell the idea and then to impose it on the other artists. At this point, the academy becomes the target of its natural enemy-the next academy.

The impulse toward the academic is good in its beginnings because it originates in belief, conviction, and faith. It goes bad when it strangles individual freedom. The worst aspect of academies is that once ideas are formulated, inferior people with superior attitudes try to impose them on others. Mediocrities take over."

Sandler, I. (2003). A Sweeper -Up After Artists. New York, NY: Thames and Hudson. p. 232